From Saki Saki to Zaalima Coca Cola, did Nora Fatehi lose her charm over the years in Bollywood?

When Nora Fatehi started becoming a sensation in India after her astonishing performance in Saki Saki, she had a unique charm about her. People loved her bubbly personality and appreciated her for hard work and struggle to enter Bollywood. She got offered some of the best dance numbers in Bollywood which helped her become an established celebrity who is even judging a dance reality show today.

However, looking at the music video of Zaalima Coca Cola, I honestly don't find anything special in her and her dance. Maybe it's the terrible song which reminds me of Tony kakkar for some reason or the weird choreography, but this was a strong no for me.

Do you think Nora Fatehi has lost her charm over the years or is she still her charming self but the terrible song makes her look bad in this song?

Bollywood's sensational dancer will be seen acting in Ajay Devgn starrer Bhuj:The Pride Of India. The trailer definitely didn’t work in her favour as people were criticising her dialogue delivery. What are your expectations from her?