Sakura’s Villain Transformation

Sakura Haruno is one divisive character within the Naruto fandom and the whole anime community as well. On the one hand, she is an important and sympathetic female protagonist in a male dominant anime. On the other hand, she is easily sidelined to focus more on other protagonists. However, many fans of the series still love her for her heart-wrenching story arc and all of her incredible and bizarre abilities. Much of Sakura's development is measured in concurrence to the Team Seven However, the closer the series came to an end, the more Sakura came into her own.

In the anime After Sasuke attacked the Five Kage summit, Sakura came to Naruto to "confess" her love to him. Later it became clear that she was merely attempting to gain his favor so that he would not join them. The deception was immoral and a step towards her negative progression in the series. In another incident, Sasuke is confronted by Sakura, who offers her help to him. He agrees reluctantly under the concession that she must kill Karin. Sakura's infatuation continued because she was not forced to live with its consequences. Continuing on these while Sakura's attraction to Sasuke makes her forgive his misdeeds, she shared no affection toward Obito. Still, she hesitated to destroy Obito’s eye. Her moment of indecision cost the Allied Shinobi Forces dearly.