Salman Khan-Lawrence Bishnoi controversy that nobody actually knows

Rajasthan gangster Lawrence Bishnoi had threatened to kill Salman Khan in Jodhpur where the actor use to go for the hearing of his blackbuck poaching case.

Lawrence Bishnoi was a student leader from Punjab, India. 4 years back he was under the custody of Rajasthan police and was in news for his statement to kill Salman Khan in Jodhpur High court for the Black Buck hunting case.

He belongs to the Bishnoi community, which considers wildlife sacred. He rose as a student leader in Chandigarh and then got involved in firing and since then, many cases have been filed but none proven yet. He had got a chance to fill the gap to fill due to the death of Anandpal Singh, the gangster of Rajasthan.

In the video he was seen making a statement- "Haan Salman Khan ko bhi marenge, yahi marenge, Jodhpur me", which meant that he is going to kill Salman Khan in Jodhpur.

After the death of Sidhu Moosewala, the security has been tightened for Salman Khan.