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Salman Khan refuses to take money for his cameo in Shahrukh’s Pathan. Is the bromance real or just a PR stunt?

According to a source, Salman told Adi that "Shah Rukh is like a brother. I would do anything for him,", when they discussed the financials. When Adi told Shah Rukh this instance, the actor was not surprised and just said, "Bhai Toh Bhai Hai". Salman and Sharukh have had many ups and downs in their relationship. The major fight began when SRK was shooting with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for ‘Chalte Chalte’. Salman and Aish had broken up recently and the actor would reportedly come on the sets and create a ruckus. When Shahrukh interfered, Salman fought with him too.Shah Rukh could not afford this mishap and he reportedly opted for Rani. However, they made up at a wedding ceremony of Farah Khan, when Salman went up to SRK and apologised. After hating and fighting with each other for decades, the love between the two Khans is overflowing now!!! Now the question is if the love is true or just a PR stunt??!


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