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Salman Khan 'steals' Telugu song 'Seetimaar' in Radhe, Allu Arjun fans are losing it

Salman Khan's Radhe, a movie which will be releasing on Eid 2021, has created a large sense of buzz. However, it has also generated animosity. The trailer of the film was released yesterday, and it clearly looks like a commercial and cliched piece of 1990s heroism. However, that’s not the only soul-annoying or angering part of it. The trailer of the film also has bits and pieces of a Hindi remake of the super-famous song of Allu Arjun from the movie DJ titled ‘Seetimaar’ which did not go down well with the fans of the Stylish Star. They found it quite absurd that the makers of Radhe would ‘steal’ the song so blatantly and openly, and not even give credits to the movie DJ at the end. Well, fan wars have always been dismissed as absurd. But do you see a point in this upsetting AA fans? Comment your thoughts below!


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