Salman Said That There Was A Tape On Disha’s Mouth While Kissing Her…Excuse Me!

As soon as the trailer was launched Salman Khan’s fans were quick to notice the kissing scene in it and many started questioning of how and why did he break his 'no-kissing' policy in films. Clearing the air Salman said, “ "Lekin is picture mein ek kiss zaroor hai. Disha ke saath nahi hai. Tape par hai kiss, tape par (There is a kiss in this movie. It is not with Disha but with a tape).” I mean what and why? Firstly I don’t understand this no kissing policy, you are ready to show fighting scenes and superficial stunts in the movies but have a problem with kissing scene on screen. Okay let’s say even that is acceptable, but then why to put a tape on the actress’s mouth and not on him?