Samantha Akkineni is raising the fashion quotient extremely high

Be it her fabulous Ibiza trips or her Talkshow appearances, Samantha Akkineni (formerly known as Samantha) raises the fashion quotient extremely high with every public appearance or every Instagram Post.

Now that she has her own low-cost Fashion Brand, which aims to bring Designer-level high-quality fashion to Middle-class homes, it seems only business-mindedness that drives Samantha to look her glamorous best. She surely seems to raise the brand value of Saaki by raising the fashion looks which she herself, as the brand face of Saaki, adorns. Samantha’s take on fashion is not limited to clothes anymore.

We barely see Samantha without sporting designer accessories in the form of bags, jewellery, striking shoes or heels, a spectacular hat or perhaps, a simple print on her t-shirt. Recent instances include her trip to the Maldives in November 2020, appearances on ‘SamJam’ being streamed on Aha!, Instagram Reels, Family Man 2 promotions and her sprightly photos from her holiday in Chennai. These appearances put her style among those of the best, and she seems to have her A-game on.

Well, whatever fashion Samantha is consuming, we want it too!