Sanak : Another formulaic action thriller strictly for hardcore action lovers.

You know what to expect from a Vidyut Jammwal film if you are in for it. The mindless, sometimes a bit over the top action sequences completes his film and expecting more out of it would end up in disappointment. Sanak the latest installment from Vidyut action franchise makes no deviations and repeats what he is known for.

If you are a fan of Hollywood slick action thrillers the plot of Sanak won't excite you much. It's the same age old story we have witnessed a millions times before and sadly the film makes no effort to be different. Sanak is packed with power packed punches and crisp combat sequences. But the film lacks the most important factor of all - emotions and logic. Be it the helplessness of the hostages or the hero's cause of his one man show neither arouses the desired impact. At times the film defies logic for no reason, for instance a child defuses a bomb where the bomb squad themselves is unable to do so or all those events which fall in favour of the protagonist without any obstacles. But writer Ashish. P. Verma quickly regains our attention with back to back kickass knocks. The linear storytelling with less pinnacle points to an extent is held together by these fight sequences, thanks to Vidyut.

The ultimate USP of Sanak is none other than Vidyut Jammwal who takes on the group of terrorists comfortably within no time. He kicks like a mule and moves like the wind and uses the available space quite effortlessly. But he seriously needs to brush up his acting skills. He struggles during emotional scenes which in turn water down it's intensity. Debutante Rukmini Maitra makes a good pair despite her limited screen time. Neha Dhupia hasn't got any moments to shine and stays low. Pratik Deora's charging visulas and Sanjay Sharma's crisp cuts shorten the film with a limited run time of 2 hours.

Sanak is a highly predictable blistering set of events entirely made for action lovers and die-hard Vidhyuth fans. It has moments to cheer for but ends up with less substance and rich set of actions.