On Sanjay Dutt's birthday, let's acknowledge the fact that this star-kid is a terrific actor as well

As the actor Sanjay Dutt turns 62 years old today, let's celebrate his birthday this year by acknowledging the fact that this star-kid who debuted much before the term "star-kid" was even coined, is nothing short of being a terrific actor.

Sanjay debuted in 1981 with Rocky and despite the turmoil that he was having in his personal life, the actor continued to gain both critical as well as commercial success. His work in Khalnayak was so very well received by the audiences at that time that it paved way for other actors as well to take up roles that weren't always the cliche Hindi cinema hero types.

And so was the case with his 1999 massive hit Vaastav. The best part about Sanjay's acting on screen was his persona that he brought on screen with every character he played. Even today people joke around that 'Sanjay Dutt is the only actor in this world that can pull off a character called "Moosa" on screen and still make it look cool'.

Sadly nobody talks about how amazing the actor in Sanjay Dutt is, of course, because he had a history of criminal records but now that he's legally free from any accusations, I think it's high we start acknowledging him as a great actor as well. Don't you think?