Sardar Ka Grandson is a snoozefest

How many times will we have to see Arjun Kapoor on screen? I mean he looks the same when he is happy, angry, fighting people, or trying to cry. Such a variety of expressions makes him a strong contender for the Golden Kela Award.

Now coming back to the film, 'Sardar Ka Grandson' tells the story of a man who wants to transport his grandmother’s old haveli from Lahore to Amritsar by truck after she is denied a Pakistani visa by the authority. The idea has so much potential. The makers could talk about partition, a historical incident that has not been depicted enough on the silver screen. But what we get is a film that can bore someone to death. The only saving grace is Neena Gupta playing the grandma, but even she can't help a half-baked film with little coherence. The dialogues in the film as well as the love story between Arjun and Rakul Preet, who run moves and packers company, seem very overwritten and redundant.

There is also a flashback pre-partition sequence of the film's co-producer John Abraham who becomes Sunny Deol from Gadar (also a film on the partition) and beats people with his strong hands. Also, guys, Aditi Rao Hydari doesn't die in this film. Just saying. Anyway, it's a great premise wasted with shoddy writing and bad casting. Yes, I'm talking about Arjun Kapoor. He tries to do everything in this film, but nothing leads to nowhere. Plus, the misplaced humor is very irritating. I wonder why Netflix green-lit this film in the first place.