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Sarpatta Parambarai : A Solid Punch from Pa.Ranjith and team.

With meticulously setup up boxing episodes and staging, this sports drama leaves a mark.

Sarpatta depicts the struggle and pain a wannabe boxer Kabilan goes through to prove himself and to his Parambarai. What makes Sarpatta an engrossing experience is it's well detailed staging of events. Sarpatta with a long set duration of 3 hours takes its own time to settle the plot and is stuffed full of rooted characters and meticulously staged boxing episodes.. Sarapatta is the best character driven film I've seen in a while where the each character has a story to tell and adds fuel to the film. Unlike other conventional sports dramas, Pa. Ranjith's vision and magnitude of delivering an authentic boxing film is laudable. The rigorous boxing episodes are never rushed,it takes the viewers to an immense experience of intense gaming.

Sarpatta has recreated the 70s Old Madras without a chance to raise questions, the effort put up by the art team will definitely bag several accolades. Though it takes the most used route, Sarapatta keeps its momentum high till the last point. I always had a feeling that Arya is an underrated actor. He is majestic in various stages of the character, the hardwork and rage he shows on-screen shows how well a good script can mold an actor. The stellar casts featuring Pasupathy, John Vijay, Kalaiarasan, Dussehra and several other notable names play their meaty roles with perfection. Despite a long list of cast everyone gets to leave an impression through the narrative. Santhosh Narayan with a pulsating background score uplifts the momentum with what's happening on-screen. Slick cuts by Selva R.K and fantastic visuals by Murali. G makes Sarpatta better in all aspects. Rarely do we see a film where all the technical aspects synchronise well with the storytelling to create a powerfully established fictional world.

With the magnitude it holds, Sarappatta would have definitely done wonders at the Box-office. It's a kind of film that deserves a collective viewing. Sarpatta Parambarai will be registered as Ranjith's career best works and sets an example of how a fascinating script can turn a formulaic story into a memorable outing. 


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