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SB19 to be on iHeartRadio soon!!

SB19 is a five-member Filipino boy band with members Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken and Justin. The group debuted in 2018 under ShowBT Philippines which is a subsidiary company of ShowBT Group in Korea. The group trained for three years before debuting as a boy group and they faced a lot of struggles during their earlier days. Their story reminds one so much of BTS growth to fame.

The group's name is derived from the initials of their company’s name ShowBT and by subtracting the country codes of South Korea (82) and Philippines (63). The group was a collaborative effort of both the countries pop music scene. It is marketed as a P-pop band with all the originalities of K-pop in it. In 2019, the group was going through a lot and they finally decided to disband because of no recognition and new opportunities. They decided to try for one last time and released their single “Go Up” which became a smash hit. Pablo described the song as their last effort after which they decided to split up if it did not work well.

Their fans shared the dance practice video on Facebook and Twitter, which went viral and the group finally gained some recognition. They are the first south-east Asian artist to be nominated for Billboard Music Awards for the Top Social Artist category, to enter the top 10 billboards social 50 weekly charts. They have recently achieved two million followers on their YouTube channel and they are going to be on Rolling stone on Twitch and iHeartradio soon. Their Fandom is called A ‘tin.  

Please go and support them!!


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