From Scam 1992 to Aspirants here is the list of Indian Web Series accused of plagiarism!

1.Aspirants-One of the biggest and most successful series of 2021 is now facing charges of plagiarism.Nilotal Mrinal,the author of Dark Horse has alleged that 30% of the series is based on his book.TVF has said to fully cooperate with this matter.


2.Scam 1992- The iconic theme song of the series is said to be copied from the song Let Out The Beast by 7KINGS as both of them almost sound the same.


3.The Family Man-The poster of the series is copied from the Hollywood movie Spiderman 3.


4.Betaal-This Netflix series from SRK's Chillis Entertainment was accused by Marathi writers as according to them the plot of the series was taken from their Zombie Film script named Vetaal.