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Searching For Sheela Review: One hour documentary on Ma Anand Sheela leading nowhere.

If you tell me to watch a Shakun Batra film under Dharma Productions' banner, I would give it a shot for the sake of their previous work, Kapoor and Sons. However, the case is a bit tweaked here. Despite directing Searching For Sheela, Batra is not given credit for it and it's produced by Dharma's online substitution, Dharmatic Productions. This Netflix documentary is presented as an opportunity to understand Ma Anand Sheela's point of view on her life, relationship with Osho and involvement in crime. However, we are presented with an aesthetic platter filled with everything we already knew and had seen. It captures a bit of all interviews given by Sheela during her 2018 visit to India, including the ones with Karan Johar and Barkha Dutt. While Shakun has done his best to capture Sheela's humane side to create an emphatic surface, her defensive answers lead to nowhere. The title 'Searching For Sheela' rightly signifies her wish to keep her true self a 'secret' as she mentions in an interview. So one has to keep searching as she won't be helping here. The part which gives you that beautiful 'Shakun Batra moment' is when she visits her home in Gujrat after almost 35 years and her heart is filled with nostalgia. If you are Searching For Sheela, this film isn't giving any answers to you, but if you are searching for a short dose of entertainment while having your snacks, do watch it then.

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