Secret behind Shilpa Shetty's undying beauty

Shilpa Shetty's beauty regime is an inspiration to many of us out there and there are no lies in this. She has shown us that even in our 40s we can look like our 20s. Shilpa hasn't just maintained her career so well but also her body. The actress is quite vocal about the secret to her beauty. She believes in following a strict disciplined healthy life but that does not restrict her from enjoying food. She believes in balancing her diet and workouts. According to Shilpa, it is these things that help her look so young even today:

  1. Yoga - Shilpa launched her yoga app a few years ago. Yoga does help us keep our heart, mind, body, and soul active. She religiously does yoga and promotes the same.
  2. Healthy diet - It is important to follow a healthy diet. Shilpa Shetty has written two books on a healthy lifestyle - The great Indian diet and The domestic Diva. Her diet is quite simple. She makes it a point to have clean, natural food and avoids artificial food like sugar.
  3. Beauty tips she follows - Removes makeup before night and ensures 8 hours of sleep.