Seems like Aespa will finally sing LIVE at the Coachella, and here's the reason why

Since Aespa has been announced as part of the Coachella lineup, we've all been debating whether the girls will sing LIVE or not. But I think they'll sing LIVE, and this is the reason why.

They've uploaded a mini vlog kind of video on their Instagram. And surprisingly they are going to use hand mics for the first time since they debuted. Till now they were using headset microphones. But hand mics are mostly used by rappers and it's easily noticeable if they are lip-syncing in it, unlike headset mics.

But I also don't understand how will they dance to 'Black Mamba' with those hand mics. Meanwhile, the rest of the songs include 'Savage', 'Next Level', and an unreleased song. Are you guys looking forward to their stage on April 23rd?