Seems like Samantha regrets her 'Naga Chaitanya' tattoo

Yesterday Samantha was interacting with her fans on Instagram with the 'Q&A' sticker. The actress was answering a few questions. A fan had asked her "Some tattoo ideas you'd love to try some day" for which she responded saying, "You know the one thing I'd tell my younger self is never ever get a tattoo. Never. Never ever. Ever, get a tattoo."

For the people who aren't aware, Samantha has 3 tattoos, one 'YMC' Initial letters of her first film which came out in 2010, the second tattoo is on her right side ribs which says, 'Chay', a nick name for her ex-husband Naga Chaitanya and her third tattoo is on her right wrist, a upward arrow which twins with her ex-husband.