Seo In-guk and Oh Yeon-seo to star in an upcoming mystery-comedy

Seo In-guk and Oh Yeon-seo have been confirmed to be the part of new upcoming mystery-comedy “Minamdang: Case Note.” The drama is based on a web novel of the same name.

The drama will revolve around a fraudulent male shaman, who is also a former profiler played by Seo In-guk, and the violent crimes division's leader played by Oh Yeon-seo. How the events will turn out when they will cross each other paths?

Seo In-guk was last seen in "Doom at Your Service" which rose him to international fame. He has always been experimental with his roles from "Squad 38" to "Shopaholic Louis," he has shown his range as an actor with each project. It would be thrilling to see him venture into this new genre alongside "Hwayugi" star Oh Yeon-seo.

Do you think this drama will be a huge success?