Is 'Seoul Music Awards' really rigged?

The 31st SMA was held at Gocheok SkyDome, where many artists took home trophies for their hard work. Specifically, NCT 127 won the Grand Prize 'Daesang' this time and NCT Dream won 'Album of the year'. The members shared an emotional speech and NCTzens were more than happy. However, some netizens think that this award show which has been happening since 1990 is not trustworthy.

A netizen created a post with the title "S.M.A = S.M.M.A" saying how the award function is biased towards the SM Entertainment artists. The award function has come under fire for rigging votes, as artists like Stray Kids, TXT, ITZY, Blackpink's Rosé, Lisa, and more won nothing. The trending rookie group IVE has not won anything despite the highest votes in the new artist's category.

Fans are saying why even organize paid votes and feature Ads, when votes are not considered for choosing winner. Hashtags like #SMArigged #SMA_OUT #TXTdeservebetter #SMARiggedshow are trending on Twitter. While some netizens were happy that their favorites won, others were perplexed by the results.

What are your thoughts?