Seungri's sentence to be reduced to 1 and a half years after the final appeal trial

Former BIGBANG member Seungri, who is currently under custody for Burning Sun Scandal, was sentenced to a total of three years with a fine of 1.156 billion KRW (approximately 961,000 USD) for nine criminal charges, including sexual assault, embezzlement, habitual illegal gambling, illegal camera filming, assault, illegal foreign money transfer and more.

However, after the first trial, his legal representative had submitted an appeal, and after Seungri admitted to all the charges against him and submitted a statement of reflection for his wrongdoings, the court decided to reduce his sentence to one year and six months and since he had already been under custody for five months, he will now have to spend one year and a month in the prison if Seungri's side would accept this reduction.

Seungri is currently imprisoned in the ROK Military's Correctional Institution, which is the same as a military prison. He was supposed to be discharged from the military on Sept. 16, 2021, however, it got delayed since military prosecution filed an appeal as well and he would only be discharged if he will be found innocent of several charges against him.

Do you think he deserves this reduction in his sentence?