Shabana Azmi would feel insecure with the amount of love and affection her father showered on Tanvi. What do you think the reason would be?

Sharing interesting anecdotes from her life after marriage to Baba Azmi, Tanvi has reveled that Kaifi saab treated all women with equal respect. Be it his wife Shaukat, or daughter Shabana or her, they were all treated the same by him.

Shabana Azmi too spoke about the equalist nature of her father. "His iconic poem 'Aurat' about gender equality was not just a fancy idea. His relationship with his wife, daughter and daughter-in-law (actor Tanvi Azmi) was a living testament to his respect for gender parity," she said.

She had also revealed how her father's relationship with her mother made her believe in love. "My mother was an incurable romanticist and full of tales of how Kaifi wooed her with his dreamy looks and beautiful poetry. But it was their strong comradeship in the later years that made me realise that love is what remains when the first flush of romance fades. I don't believe I'm a romantic. But I am deeply in love with Javed (Akhtar) even 37 years after we got married," she said.