Shame: We live in a world where Farhan Akhtar gets trolled for celebrating Diwali

It's almost hard to believe that the Bhaag Milkha Bhaag actor Farhan Khan was recently being trolled online for a Diwali celebration picture that he post on his social media platform. The trolls took to the comment section and started posting hate and offensive comments against the actor for being from a different religion and still celebrating Diwali. As per latest reports Javed Akhtar has now decided to take legal action against the trolls as well. In any other case he might have let all this hate go unnoticed but this time Javed reportedly believes that not responding to all this hate would boost the confidence of these trolls. Farhan on the other hand has not responded anything. Do you also believe that it is high time that these trolls are named and shamed and be rightfully jailed for their offensive and hateful remarks or should they not be given any importance because this publicity is what they actually want? Your thoughts on this?