Shamita Shetty will marry in 2022? But who is the groom, exactly?

Shamita Shetty made vows regarding her marriage intentions in 2022 in the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 15. However, she has yet to learn who the groom will be. The contestants meet with astrologer Janardhan Baba in Sunday's Weekend Ka Vaar episode, who tells them about their futures.

Bigg Boss has featured the famed astrologer in past seasons. He told Shamita about her impending marriage and children this time. He told her that she would marry an ordinary man rather than a wealthy man, but that his fortune would shine once they married and that they would have a happy marriage. He added that she will have two children, a girl and a boy when she inquired about children.

But the funny part is, However, later in the show, I noticed Shamita talking to Nishant Bhat about her plans, saying, "I am getting married this year and I haven't met the guy yet."

Nishant inquired about Raqesh Bapat, her boyfriend. She said that she didn't know him well enough and that they had only met on the show. Nishant advised her not to make a hasty decision and warned her that he had known Raqesh for a long time and that the actor was a "difficult" person. Shamita defended Raqesh, saying that when he's with her, he's a different person, and she's not easy to deal with either.

Some people believe in astrology, while others do not. What are your thoughts on the subject?