Shamshera full story: Similarities and Differences with Baahubali

Ever since the trailer of Shamshera was released, the internet is flooded with questions related to the movie having similarities. Netizens are claiming the movie is inspired by a south movie like Baahubali. South movies like Baahubali, Pushpa, and RRR have been ruling the cinema today. Most people are also saying that Bollywood does not have heroism left anymore. Is that the reason why Shamshera can be inspired by Baahubali? The story of Shamshera is set in a fantasy place where a set of a tribe has a burglar who becomes famous and loved by all because of saving them. The reason why the film is being compared to Baahubali is because of the set design, the direction, shots, and the stunts. At the same time, people are hoping the movie is original and does not disappoint the fans.