'Sharmaji Namkeen' trailer reminds us of the endless range of the legendary actor Rishi Kapoor

Sharmaji Namkeen is all set to release on 31st March, 2022. The film is directed by Hitesh Bhatia. The film stars Rishi Kapoor, Paresh Rawal and Juhi Chawla. It's a story of a retired man, who feels really lonely. While watching the trailer, I felt this happiness which is indescribable in words. The trailer will definitely remind you of the legendary actor Rishi Kapoor. From the 80s and 90s one of my favorite actors was definately Rishi Kapoor. He was so good looking as well as a talented actor. Until the day he didn't fall sick, he was working and he wanted 'Sharmaji Namkeen' to have a proper finish. I'm definitely going to watch this film when it's released.

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