#azaadilikhneki Shefali Shah and her husband Vipul Shah reunited after 17 years in Human!

In her latest interview, Shefali Shah spoke about reuniting with her husband Vipul Shah after 17 long years!

We got to see both of them in a medical thriller web series Human. In chat, she was asked about how was it working with her husband and director Vipul Shah after 17 years to that she said "I will never tell him (Vipul) to make a show or film for me. And he will never offer me something that doesn't value my presence. He wanted me in it and I wanted to do it."

She also added: "Vipul is a chilled out guy to work with. He's very receptive to suggestions. My working style has changed drastically over the years and he was very patient with me because I have a lot of questions. I decided to turn the character upside down. We respect each other's work way too much."

Vipul Shah had directed actor Shefali Shah is the famous film WAQT, where she starred opposite Amitabh Bachchan as his wife and Akshay Kumar's mother.