Shefali Shah recalls feeling terrible when she was replaced by a star!

Shefali Shah reveals how she used to feel when some bigger star would take away her role and the casting people would not even inform her that the role is been taken by someone else. The actor did not reveal who the director or the star was but while she was been interviewed for her upcoming project Human.

Shefali Shah stated, "I don't know somebody might still sign me for a project and I would get to know the next day that I'm no more in the show or the film. You never know. Look, I don't know how people function. So I don't think that incident had so much to do with me as much as it had to do with the person who did it. Finally who got cast is a bigger star, there's no debate in it. It's a director's prerogative."

Later she also added, "All it required was for somebody to make that call or the director to call me and say 'I'm sorry or You know what we think xyz works better for the film." She gets irritated in the interview and says 'Aare bata toh dete.'

I completely agree with her as it was the director's duty to at least inform the casting assistant and ask him to tell her that she is being replaced, it feels so terrible when you get to know it later,its very insulting for the actor!