Shefali Shah was not the only one to crush on Aamir Khan

Aamir and Shafali have worked together in Rangeela which was released in 1995. Aamir back in the 90s had such a chocolate boy face. His entire persona was different. Girls used to crush on him and one among them was Shefali Shah. During the making of this movie Shefali was in college and just how things used to be in the 90s, writing love letters to sending actually working with him, Shefali has done everything!

In an interview she said, "Aamir Khan. I wrote him a letter. I sent a photograph of mine with a love letter and in the photograph I was standing there (gesturing far away) but it was looking very nice because it was blurred. Far away I am standing, you can't make out anybody, who this human is, nothing, wrote a long love letter."