Sherni Review: Could you hear the roar?

Vidya Balan starring Sherni directed by Amit Masurkar has been released on Amazon Prime Video. And people are giving mixed reactions.


The story is about Vidya Vincent, a DFO (Divisional Forest Officer) played by the ever-amazing Vidya Balan, who has been committed to the jungle and her duties forever but isn't getting any promotions here which makes her think to resign from her post. She even talks with her husband but he forces her to stay there because his own work-life is at stake in Mumbai.


At this moment, a tigress identified as T12 set loose in the nearest village making big chaos as many villagers and animals were falling prey for her. Though the villagers are used to with the fact that tigers walking along the paths of their village, this new incident made them scared. Now, Vidya wants to capture the tigress alive but her boss Bansal's (Brijendra Kalra) mind says something else. Now, what will Vidya do? How will she navigate the whole process facing the backlash of the male dominant society? How will she rescue the tigress? To know all of this you have to watch it.


The story is just not about animal vs mankind, this story is about every woman who feels unworthy, and do not get the respect they deserve in a male dominant department. Vidya Balan said a lot of things without saying much. Her eyes did the work for her. Other actors in supporting roles have also done a great job. It's good for a one-time watch. What do you think?