Shershaah might just get banned across India because of this silly reason!

A Kashmiri journalist Faraz Ashraf, who has been accusing Bollywood of making propaganda films against the 'Kashmiri People,' has alleged to sue Dharma Productions and supposedly get Shershaah banned from the entire country. The reason, he says, is that the number plate of the car that is shown in the movie is registered under his name, which has made his life miserable.


Posting a series of tweets, Faraz said that in the movie that the makers have used his personal car registration number on a car used by militants which has brought trouble to him and his family alike, He says that he can't travel alone now for the fear of being attacked.

He further pointed out that no permission was given from him to use his car number and that he is going to sue Dharma and Karan Johar big time for this, by getting Shershaah banned across the country.


Here's hoping that Karan Johar is already making efforts to keep Shershaah from any and all legal troubles, and may I add 'I've have never paid this much attention to detail while watching a movie'! Comments?