Shershaah Trailer: What is it with Bollywood and their cliche use of regional languages; this time they have messed up Punjabi

I am a Punjabi myself and this pains me to see how Bollywood has shown disrespect towards not regional languages over the years. And this is not only about Punjabi but other languages as well, like Bihari or Marathi as well.

My only point being either don't use the language at all, I understand that it's a Hindi Film Industry or if you're using it then use it properly. You can't just put little words here and there and call it Punjabi. Like I'll give you an example from Shershaah, they have written dialogues in hindi only but used one or two words to give it a punjabi feel but trust me, noone in Punjab talks like that and infact no Punjabi ever talks like that. Either they speak Punjabi or Hindi or anything else, depends on where they stay.

But this mix is just totally unacceptable and I feel it's a lag on the part of the makers to not take enough efforts and might be the actors as well to not learn proper punjabi.

Not to disrespect anyone but I just feel like this needs to change. Have you ever felt that before? Write it down in the comment section before