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Shift from Chemical to Natural Beauty Products

Yes, I have also shifted my purchasing habits from chemical beauty products to natural beauty products. The natural brands that I mostly prefer are Mamaearth, Khadi, Biotique, Kama, Forest Essentials, etc. Chemical beauty products have many side effects such as leads to skin irritation, dullness of the skin tone, pimples, acne skin infection, early aging, etc. To avoid such harmful products, I prefer using natural products which provide me the best results and do not leads to skin irritation, no toxic smell, and also suit my skin. Natural products are made using different types of oil like plant oil, sunflower, olive oil, coconut oil, tee tree oil, flowers, fruits, shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera, honey, etc.


Have you shifted from chemical-infused products to natural beauty products? Which brands do you prefer? 


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