Shilpa Shetty's problems might be greater than I had imagined...

A source close to Shilpa says no one from among her good friends in the industry—and we don’t need to name them, just check her party photos and social media images to know who she hung around with—has bothered to even make an obligatory call, let alone extend a hand in support . Or ask about her children An actor from a film family tells me, “This (the adult-content scandal) is too sleazy. It’s not like a routine controversy. No one wants to be seen anywhere near to this.” 


As per reports, Shilpa Shetty shouted at her husband and wept when he was brought home by the police last week. "We have everything, what was the need to do all this," Shilpa reportedly said to Raj when he arrived at their home on Friday. According to reports, Shilpa broke down on seeing her husband and said that the "family's reputation was ruined, their endorsements in the industry were being cancelled and that she had to give up many projects". She reportedly also spoke about financial losses.


Now now I didn't expect that she would suffer so much considering the blind money she has but well they say you gotta pay for your sins. Can't help but feel very sorry for Shilpa