Is shopping for beauty products online the right way to purchase?

Beauty and skincare products are very different from clothing, household items etc. Buying other products online is much easier. You can figure out the product from the details given but when it comes to beauty products, we can't just rely on online details. Each person has a different skin, different requirements and reacts differently to the products. The shades might look different on you in reality than online because of varied lighting. This creates a problem and makes it difficult to choose a beauty product online. After all once you apply the product it affected your skin and that can't be reversed even if you return the products. But, AMAZON and NYKAA (india) have best online products and sell genuine products. You can always make changes regarding delivery/timings. The former offers added advantage of several customer reviews with pictures, which obviously makes it very useful people while deciding whether to/not buy a particular product. A lot of product have several pictures of itself for better view (some even have swatches). But even after all this there are still chances that the product won't work for you. What do you think could be a solution to this?