Should Bollywood stop making item songs?

item song would usually portray women dancing for the pleasure of men in general and the hero in particular. The difference in the attitude of men and women is the problem. Put simply, item songs are a problem because they tell men that it is okay for them to treat women like they want to. It's okay to stare at her chest or her butt, to call her whatever way you want, to touch her, you are entitled to do this and that, the women have no say in this.

The hands reaching out for Sunny Leone in Baby Doll and Katrina Kaif being swung like prey in front of an ocean of lustful men in Chikni Chameli, are some songs that have been immortalised through such behaviour. These item songs have absolutely no reference to the story or setting of the movie. It's just to allure some part of the audience which finds such content entertaining. Watching, listening or promoting such content is disgusting. Men on the streets use the exact lines to tease women and when confronted, justify in the name of singing the song.