Should BTS enlist together in the military or according to the hierarchy?

A stock market group said that the world's number one boy band BTS is expected to serve in the military next year in 2022. Yoo Seong-man, an analyst at Leading Investment & Securities, said in a report on HYBE (former Big Hit Entertainment), "It is expected that BTS members will enlist together until mid-2022. Because BTS is 'World Star at the Beatles and Michael Jackson level,' it is possible to continue to be a box office and generate profits even after serving in the military." Analyst Yoo also said "HYBE has a solid lineup of domestic and global artists that will fill the gap in BTS' military enlistment." He also believes that due to the recent us acquisitions and mergers and bringing various global and domestic artists on Weverse platform, HYBE will be able to achieve a firm grip in the entertainment industry. On December 22, 2020 according to a partial amendment of the military service act, experts in the fields like physical education and people represent in culture and arts were allowed to postpone the military service until the age of 30. Jin, a 1992 born and being the eldest of the group will have to enlist in 2022 anyhow. But the other members are also predicted to enlist with him in the same year. Armys predicted and expected many ways about this. If Jin was the first to enlist, the remaining other members would have concentrated on their solo works and collaborations. It would've been easier as the spark of BTS that has ignited in the world would never have extinguished, but now since they are enlisting all together, 'BTS' will be gone for more than 16 -18 months! What are your thoughts on it?