Should Kangana Ranaut apologize to Javed Akhtar in the ongoing defamation case?

Latest update in the Kangana Ranaut-Javed Akhtar case has been that the Bombay High Court, today, has dismissed Kangana’s appeal to cancel the defamation case against her. Consequently she has to now appear before the Magistrate Court on Tuesday next week. For those of you who may not know, Javed Akhtar had filed a criminal complaint against Kangana Ranaut in November last year, alleging that she had made defamatory and baseless comments against him in a television interview. As per Javed, he had only tried to settle issues between Kangana and Hrithik saying that it would damage both their public images but instead Kangana went on to level allegations against him only and said that he formed a “suicide gang” and pushed “outsiders” to commit suicide on a TV show. It was after these statements that Akhtar filed a defamation suitagainst the actress. It's been almost an year and the case is still going on in court and not only is it costing Kangana both time and money but her public image as well. So wouldn't it be better if she'd just settle her issues with Javed Akhtar with a sincere apology? I think Javed Akhtar wouldn't ask anything else. Your comments please.