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Should Kapoors Be Shamed For Celebrating Randhir Kapoor's Birthday?

Kapoor Family celebrated Randhir Kapoor's 74th birthday on Monday, 15th February'21. As the photographs and videos from the Kapoor residence went viral on social media, various opinions started coming in. Many lashed the family for celebrating Randhir's birthday soon after his brother, Rajiv Kapoor's demise on 9th February'21.

Previously, the family had released a statement on social media that they will not hold Chautha (ritual to be performed on the fourth day from funeral) for late Rajiv Kapoor due to current pandemic circumstances. After the birthday celebration videos came into light, people questioned the family if it appropriate to hold a birthday celebration during pandemic. Others asked, if the family should celebrate during the mourning period.

However, Randhir had revealed that he felt alone after he lost his mother and siblings in a short period of time. He is 74 years old and he needs his family at this point. So, if they tried to make him feel better by celebrating his birthday, should they be shamed for this?


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