Should Kriti Sanon try her hands in writing?

Kriti Sanon is one of the busiest actresses in Bollywood currently. She has been part of several blockbusters and is also known for her amazing dancing skills. But another talent of hers that is evident on her Instagram handle is her writing. Kriti often writes short poetry that is soothing to read. Especially during the lockdown, fans got to see the writer side of Kriti when she would frequently share her writings on social media which were well received. Maybe because all of her had ample times at that time and many tried to learn new skills, which for Kriti was writing. This makes us wonder if she would make for a good scriptwriter or not. Should she write a book, a poetry collection, or try her hand in scriptwriting? She definitely should because Kriti understands the basics of writing, especially poetry. And most of her poetry is free verse and not rhythmic ones which many amateur writers tend to gravitate towards. Her writings also feel mature, something that one wouldn't generally expect from an A-list actor. Maybe she can write a script and act in it as well in the future.