Should Salman Khan be the one to be blamed for Zareen Khan or Sneha Ullal's failed Bollywood career?

Zareen Khan made her debut almost ten years back with Salman Khan in ‘Veer’. It was Salman Khan who spotted Zareen on the sets of his film ‘Yuvraj' and said that he needed a fresh face to cast in his much ambitious project Veer to play the role of the Rajput princess. Somehow before the release of the film a lot of buzz was created on how Salman Khan has casted Katrina’s look alike in the film.

The actress recently opened up and expressed her frustration on how she was judged as another pretty face and didn’t get the opportunity to showcase her talent. She said, “I want people to see my potential. Till lately, I was only identified as another pretty face who cannot act, without even giving me an opportunity to showcase my talent. But now, I am doing my bit, reaching out to whomever I can and I feel lucky that there are people out there who still believe in me and want to give me a chance to show my talent. I am happy to work with such people.”

It’s no secret that Salman was the one who introduced Sneha Ullal way back in 2005 and till date people identify her as Aishwarya Rai’s doppelganger. Sneha Ullal revealed it later, that all that was a PR strategy but admitted to being “not really happy” about being compared with Aishwarya. Now introducing these actresses in the film industry as somebody’s look alike was a planned strategy or not, but it definitely had few adverse effects on these actresses career.