Should a show be made on "Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Star Kids"

It's not hidden how bollywood stars and their superstar wives live luxurious lives. In the recent Netflix series, “Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives” we saw an insight of how fancy, quirky, extravagent and dramatic their lives are! But, what about the star kids? Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn about their lives?

Yesterday evening we saw Ananya Pandey, Shanaya Kapoor, Navya Nanda and Suhana Khan partying together. Navya Nanda shared the picture saying “How it started vs How it’s going”

Now let’s be honest, they’re judged brutally, they’ve got nepotism allegations to deal with, but with so much attention and stardom comes great responsibility! We’ve had many star kids entering bollywood, but there also are a few who’ve stayed away from the glam world but still someway or the other are in the limelight.

A little insight on their lives, hobbies, friendships, and careers can be quite interesting! Will you be interested in watching this show and if yes who would you like to see? My vote goes for Ibrahim Ali Khan :p