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Should Sonu Sood join politics?

Ever since the nationwide lockdown was imposed last year due to the pandemic, Sonu Sood has been going out of his way to help people. What started off with sending migrant workers home, has evolved into a bigger and wider initiative to help people in different ways. Sonu has been relentlessly providing financial support, oxygen supplies, educational equipment to kids. This begs the question Will he prove to be a great politician? Or should he join politics? In a recent interview, Sonu expressed his disinterest in politics, saying that he loves acting and will continue to do so. He also said that he helps others just because he wants to and he can. But never say never. Who knows, maybe in a few years we might see him contesting the election. After all, we need such people in power. Sonu had also said that either he will change everything, or he will leave politics the second day of joining. Well, politics or not, we all hope he continues to help others and entertain us through his acting.


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