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Should you be using mineral or chemical sunscreen? Does it matter?

Go for Mineral! Mineral sunscreens protect against a larger range of ultraviolet light and are more efficacious. Chemical sunscreens can be absorbed in the body and can also cause an irritant or allergic reaction on the skin. I would suggest DermaCo sunscreen. It's time for SPF 60 PA+++ broad-spectrum photoprotection with dermatologist-designed matte sunscreen.The Derma Co. Ultra Matte Sunscreen Gel provides broad-spectrum UV protection while being oil-free, lightweight, and non-comedogenic. The sunscreen is enriched with titanium dioxide, a gentle earthy mineral, active to protect against sun sensitivity. Regular use during the daytime will block sun sensitivity and prevent pigmentation.A formula that suit my skin type, provide high protection, safe ingredients and does not clog pores. ... That's why I prefer physical sunscreens over the chemical formulation but PS give prominent white cast which look nasty on Indian skin tones. The Derma Co sunscreen has SPF 30 PA+++ which is good for indoors.


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