Should you get Disney+ Hotstar membership?

Honestly, I didn't have one, but recently I took the membership and my God, I got to relive my childhood memories.


So, let me come clean, I love magic and fantasy. I spent most of my childhood days watching barbie and princess movies. And to be honest, for a very long time I was missing them. When I took Disney+ Hotstar membership I started watching all of them again one by one. I started with Tinker Bell. Can you believe it? Somehow, I feel those were my best times. Just chilling, no tension, a little bit of homework, and a lot more of life.


You can surf the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe and watch the new ones too. Like Wanda Vision, The Falcom, and The Winter Soldier, and now Loki, and after that Black Widow is on the pipeline. So, why not. Maybe Netflix and Amazon Prime have a huge audience reach, Disney+ Hotstar is nothing less of that sort.


You can give it a try. Would you like that?