Shows You Need To Watch No Matter What

The title may have been a tad bit aggressive but it is needed since I know many of you, yes, YOU, are looking for recommendations. Fear not, my angels, I am here. So, first up we have Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Now, the show is about a bunch of detectives at the 99th (Nine-Nine) precinct in Brooklyn, New York. A fun and funny, non-stereotypical, diversified TV show that will teach you that it is okay to be a bit different and unique.

Second, we have Schitt's Creek. Imagine you are wealthy and then suddenly, you lose everything and have to move to a small town that you bought as a joke because, well, you could. Funny, right? So watch this family try to adjust and survive in a town called Schitt's Creek.

I have recommended you two funny shows so it's ok if I recommend a show that is dark and serious. This one is called How to get away with murder. The storyline is that Defense attorney, Annalise Keating hires law students as her interns and well, all hell breaks loose. That is all I can say so that I don't give away any spoilers. I think three shows are enough for now since the shows except Brooklyn Nine-Nine have six seasons. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has 7 on Netflix with 8th being the last season that is being shot at the moment.

All of the shows can be streamed on Netflix India. Tell me what you think, your opinion matters and also I am doing a public service so the Nation wants to know!!