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Is Shraddha Kapoor the right fit for Sridevi's iconic role in Chaalbaaz's remake?

Bollywood is continuing its saga of remakes, be it adaptations of regional films, remixing old songs, or rehashing older movies. And quite honestly, none of it seems to receive critical acclaim.

After the reception of Coolie No 1, it is surprising to note that Bollywood is going ahead with more. Recently, it was announced that ChaalBaaz will be remade. And starring as the lead is Shraddha Kapoor. The main issue with this is not re-casting Shraddha but the fact that Sridevi's performance in the movie is unmatched. The characters played by her were iconic, and it's difficult to fill her shoes. Rather than that, why not just spare classics the disaster of being remade?

At some level, even after remakes have received poor ratings, what convinces the film industry to produce the same kind of repacked content?


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