Is Shraddha Kapoor's Baaghi performance good enough to star in Chaalbaaz in London?

By now everyone's heard the news about Shraddha Kapoor doing the lead role in the sequel of Sridevi's iconic film Chaalbaaz. The 1989 classic was testimony to the versatile talent that Sridevi had. Even now, the film remains one of the best performances by the actress. Shraddha was roped in because of her acting in Baaghi, and that has earned her the role in what seems to be the yesteryear hit's sequel.


But wouldn't starring in the successor of such an iconic movie obviously draw comparisons? Alia Bhatt had been approached for a remake of the original and that didn't pan out. Chaalbaaz in London has been clarified to not be a remake. But regardless, if it's riding on the legacy of Sridevi's movie, the audience will draw parallels.


Meanwhile, do you feel that Shraddha's acting in Baaghi is proof of her carrying off this movie? Her role didn't seem to serve much screen time in Baaghi, but one can hope for the best for her in Chaalbaaz in London!