Shreyas Talpade drops some truth bombs about Bollywood

Shreyas Talpade in a recent interview to Hindustan Times has talked about the issues he has faced in Bollywood. He said that egos are very 'fragile' in the industry and people get insecure when others achieve success. The actor further said that he has been back-stabbed by his friends. "I found out that there are certain actors who are insecure about sharing screen space with me and don’t want me in a film. I have done certain films for friends only keeping their interests in mind but then I have been back-stabbed by the same friends. Then there are friends who go ahead and make films without including me, which makes one question if they are even friends at all. Actually, in the industry, 90% of the people are just acquaintances, there are only 10% who actually feel happy when you do well." Well, it's kinda sad to know what he has been through. Shreyas had created a buzz with his debut film 'Iqbal' where he played a deaf cricketer. The film was a critical success. He has also been part of several popular films like 'Golmaal Returns' and 'Golmaal 3.' However, Shreyas is hopeful now. He believes the pandemic has changed a lot of things in the industry and there will be a level playing field for everyone. What do you think of him as an actor?