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Shruti Hassan: Breaking Dating Stereotypes!

Shruti Hassan recently turned 35. And the best part about the beautiful day which she celebrated with family, friends and love, was that she owned up to her age like a boss lady and wore it with a confidence which is rarely found in actresses today.

The actress, recently, also started dating a very talented and established artist named Santanu Hazarika. He owns an art company, works in visual art and doodling, and is often seen with Shruti Hassan displaying affection. The two seem to have been dating for quite a while, or at least that is what their social media has led us to believe.

While at the age of Shruti Hassan, most women give up on dating, she seems to have the strength, belief and passion to fall in love all over again and ultimately find the right partner for herself. This is inspiring, as she is totally breaking dating stereotypes. More power and luck to you girl! Comment your thoughts below!


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