Siddhant Chaturvedi Is An Impeccable Example Of Outsider Talent, Isn't He?

After the success of the widely acclaimed movie 'Gully Boy' where Siddhant Chaturvedi grabbed the headlines for his solid, power-packed performance as MC Sher, the young star is quite possibly acknowledged as a highly promising talent among the sea of great actors. Since then he has backed some prestigious movies alongside A-listed actors and signed films with some of the top producers of the industry.

Well, we are all in awe of his amazing acting skills, but let's not forget the hard-work and determination that has made him reach so far. Contrary to a popular belief, this young breakthrough actor is not a star kid. It is undoubtedly quite an achievement for someone who had until recently shared benches with hundreds of fellow strugglers, to actually make his way to the top of the industry with just one debut performance, that floored the masses. What are your views on the actor, do you think his performances are worthy of his fame?